SIP and VoIP are both interrelated. The first stands for session Internet protocol and the latter stands for voice over Internet protocol. These are technical terms and it is therefore difficult for a lay man to understand. But here is a simple explanation of the technique.

The SIP and VoIP technologies are provided by sip VoIP providers. It is a difficult to choose which of the SIP providers would be best. Out in the market there is aenormous ocean of SIP service providers. These service providers will try to convince you about their best and cheapest service. But there are certain factors to look for before choosing a provider.

The elementary parameters to choose SIP or VoIP providers are their customer service, features, customer satisfaction and price. These are the basic and vital aspects to look for before selecting a service provider. While looking for a service provider it is important to look for that extra service or benefit he is providing which is best suited for you. For example a caller ID may be an important device for you, which reflects name and number of the person calling. But this device may or may not be included in the standard package. Some providers provide it, others dont.

However, if you want some additional features then you will have look out for the right SIP VoIP providers who offer them. You might have to pay extra for these added benefits. When you are selecting or opting for a plan of SIP VoIP, make sure that you look for the price of the package and also the minutes included in the package. Some providers charge on per minute basis, offer local unlimited calling rate, and even have plans to call any number of a particular area or country without additional charges. Both of the service providers offer numerous benefits for the companies who want to utilize the services. It can greatly enhance the productivity of the employees while keeping the operational costs low.

The SIP VoIP providers are rapidly increasing because of the popularity of the system. It is technique by which voice and data merges into a single line so that you can access the Internet and public phone networks. It is fast and effective as it uses IP telephony procedure with EDGE and PSTN. This technology has revolutionized the telecommunication system. It is a welcome advancement over normal telephone. It is faster and more effective than a normal telephone because it is based on the Internet which is generally fast and it is an uninterrupted mode of communication. Another plus point of this system is that all locations are equal and this avoids long distance costs and makes it lot cheaper.

There are various SIP VoIP providers in the world who offer good plans at affordable rates; one of them is AT&T etc. Choose your provider based on your needs and factors like customer service and customer satisfaction provided. Whenever you are purchasing a software, always make sure it has some customer support.